Profile: Nicole Willson

Nicole Willson lives outside of Washington, DC; this does not mean she wants to talk U.S. politics with you. She has been a frequent visitor to small coastal towns located along the Eastern seaboard but has yet to see anything truly alarming emerge from those waters, much to her disappointment. She’s hopeful that her lifelong aversion to eating fish or seafood might earn her a little mercy when the hungry ocean gods finally start coming ashore.

Nicole’s debut horror/dark fantasy novel Tidepool will be coming out from Parliament House Press in early 2021. The novel was showcased in Pitch Wars 2017, where Nicole was mentored by Peter McLean.

Nicole is a member of the Horror Writers Association. She has attended the Borderlands Writers Boot Camp and the Futurescapes Writers Workshop.

She is a regular contributor to The Weekly Knob, a prompt-based writing challenge on Medium.

Nicole has been a publications editor, a web content specialist, and an editorial assistant. She fulfilled a longtime dream of competing on “Jeopardy!” in 2011, although she did not fulfill her longtime dream of being a Jeopardy champion, alas.


Most Recently Published Work (as of September 2020)

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From the first hand perspective of a killer’s victim, to helping a spirit solve their own gruesome murder, ‘Depravity’ is the very first of its kind – pushing the boundaries of disturbing, skin-crawling, supernatural horror. Many stories within these pages are original supernatural concepts, providing a paranormal edge to the fear-factor that horror fans know and admire. We have consolidated a collection of stories which range from terrifying supernatural homicide, to the unsolved and unanswered mysteries of the ethereal. Depravity maintains its impact during daytime reading in public, as well as ensuring you’ll feel as though someone is watching you while you sleep.

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