Profile: Paula D. Ashe

Author picture of Paula AshePaula D. Ashe is a thirty-something writer of dark fiction who only feels comfortable writing about herself in third person. Originally from Ohio, she resides in Indiana with her wife and too many animals. Paula works as an instructor of English at a community college. She is also a PhD student in American Studies at Purdue University. Before that she earned a BA in Creative Writing and a minor in Psychology, then an MA in Composition and Rhetoric and a graduate certificate in Women’s Studies, all from Wright State University. You can find her on Facebook at and Twitter @pauladashe if you’re into that sort of thing.

Most Recently Published Book (as of December 2018)

Visions From The Void

ThIs Is NoT a NoRmAl AnThOlOgY…

If you are expecting a neat, predictable set of stories TURN BACK NOW

If you want horror but hate bizarro or getting “the feels” THEN STEP AWAY

This collection of tales is what happens when one man’s art meets 12 authors fiction, and when writers are free to ignore their genre of choice and typical story conventions.

12 eye-challenging op-art designs were used to inspire these 12 mind-bending stories, which contain everything from futuristic sci-fi to fantastical comedy, and heartfelt life musings to near-cosmic nihilism.

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Other Work:

Eulogies III

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Best of Horror 2013

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Four Ghosts

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