Profile: Pheare Alexander

phaerealexanderPheare Alexander is an author of contemporary horror fiction. She took a ten year break from writing to focus on raising her daughter Paige. As of 2018, Pheare is getting back into the business of story telling. There is a character from her debut novel Str8 Laced with his own story to tell coming soon in a work called The Calling Hours. Her writings reveal horrific tales of murder, fantasy, morality and the exploration into the decay of the human mind. Pheare resides in a suburb outside of Chicago, Illinois with her daughter.


Most Recently Published Book (as of September 2018)


Who do you live your life for?

My name is Dr. Jocelyn Reynolds. I ran a successful practice in child psychiatry until the day I was abducted by a woman suffering from severe psychosis, McClaine Henry.

“Who do you live your life for?”

I lay in a one-room dungeon for eight weeks, trying to find the answer to that question. I felt her eyes lurking in the corner—watching me. Her icy touch seared my skin. The torture, the suffering was nearly intolerable. Until the day I met her, I thought I lived my life for my blossoming family and my passion for helping children. But Once I left my captor, I found that my life may be best spent searching for deeper truths.

I’ve never fully discussed the events that took place in that dungeon with McClaine. For the past nine years, I’ve done everything to keep the nightmare suppressed far inside the deepest recesses of my psyche. For nine years, I’d been successful … until Karen, my best friend and fellow therapist, was kidnapped too. Her abductor, a seasoned serial killer, reached out to me for help, and he warned that my friend’s life, and countless others, could be spared if I just took a moment to listen to his plight.

To catch a sociopath you must think like one—become one. I’ve met one before. McClaine was rare. And although I’ve spent nine years trying to forget her, working the case of Karen’s abduction has forced me to drudge up past demons and confront the truth. McClaine will always be a part of me … I realize that now.

Today, I live my life to maintain an ideal daydream.

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