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Profile: Querus Abuttu “Dr Q.”

Querus AbuttuDr. Querus Abuttu or “Dr. Q,” enjoys writing horror, bizarre tales and dark science fiction and loves ring more of the same. Her work has been published in the online magazine, “69 Flavors of Paranoia,” the magazine “Pantheon,” and in an anthology titled, “Hazard Yet Forward.” She has worked as a Certified Nurse Midwife and Forensic Nurse for the Indian Health Services and United States Navy for over twenty years. Dr. Q lives in Palmyra (near Charlottesville), Virginia with her most understanding husband Jim, her demon dog Trapper and three domineering cats (Nyha, Echo and Kiwi). When she’s not writing; she’s hiking the wilds of the culturally deprived hinterlands and dabbling in a little local ghost hunting which has yet to result in bagging real ghosts. Despite her failure at trapping the paranormal, she still hopes to capture the phantoms one day and make their stories her own.

“Dr.Q” dedicates the story of her writing career to her official SHU mentors Tim Waggoner and Timmons Esaias mentors and SHU horror writers/professors, Mike Arnzen and Scott Johnson. Her critique partners Gina Greenway, Stephanie Wytovich and Joe Borrelli have provided amazing and valuable points of view on her work, as well as Chris Shearer who gave her tons of reading suggestions. Many thanks every day to Querus’s editor, Broos Campbell, who patiently edits her work and keeps it honest. An additional shout out goes to horror writer, Larry Connolly, who encourages her to submit her stories and helps her cultivate a necessary faith in her art. And to Q’s family (Jim, Kira and Sean), who put up with endless hours of her typing on the computer and who listen to her stories as she reads them out loud over and over again . . . she is eternally grateful for each of you and loves you more than you will ever know.

Website: https://querusabuttu.com/

Awards – Wins and Nominations

KillerCon 4, September 2012: 2nd place winner in the “Gross Out” contest.

KillerCon 5, September 2013: 1st place winner in the “Gross Out” contest.

World Horror Con/ Horror Writer’s Association (WHC/HWA) May 2014: 3rd place winner in the “Gross Out” contest.

Most Recently Published Book (as of November 2018)

Mother's Revenge Book CoverWhat happens when you abuse your mother? It’s not pretty. It’s not nice. And she can get downright mean and nasty if you don’t straighten up and make amends. In this mixed genre group of eco-tales, thirty-two authors from around the globe offer up some lessons in why it’s wise to be kind to Mother Earth. Read and take heed. Your very life may depend on it!

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Other Work:

Forever Vacancy: A Color In Darkness Anthology

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Sapient Farm

Book Buy Links:  Better World BooksAmazon | Scary Dairy Press