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R. J. Joseph is a Texas based writer and professor who must exorcise the demons of her imagination so they don’t haunt her being. A life long horror fan and writer of many things, she has recently discovered the joys of writing in the academic arena about two important aspects of of her life: horror and black femininity. R.J. has contributed works to Stoker Award finaling works, Sycorax’s Daughters and Uncovering Stranger Things: Essays on 80s Nostaligia, Cynicism and Innocence.

When R. J. isn’t writing, teaching, or reading voraciously, she can usually be found wrangling one of various sprouts or sproutlings from her blended family of 11 . . . along with one husband and one hellbeast that masquerades as a dog sometimes.


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It all started with talk of tentacles from unmentionables… From this gooey start, our body horror charity anthology was born. Within these pages, our authors have come together to delight and disgust with stories about perhaps the most horrifying thing of all: the human body.

Twisted Anatomy contains new stories from some of the best authors in indie horror and science fiction, alongside several new voices guaranteed to suck readers in for years to come.

Please note: The team at Sci-Fi & Scary strongly believe in content warnings. A list of any story’s content warning is located at the back of the book. Everyone should be free to read horror, regardless of past circumstances.

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