Profile: R.M. Hayes

R.M. Hayes has been a short story writer for decades, having had over 600 short stories of various genres published in magazines around the world. Since Hayes was young, horror has been their first love, so their first novel, Evil Lives, is a supernatural thriller/horror story.


Most Recently Published Work (as of December 2020)

A tormented psychic. An unethical Detective. A soulless demon.

Homeless petty criminal, Grub, finds shelter in a derelict house during a storm. Why does he ignore his instincts telling him to run?

Detective Vic Carter resorts to dubious means to arrest anyone he believes is guilty of a crime. After two murders and a kidnapping he has Haley Shaw in his sights.

Haley has enough to cope with: a traumatic past, keeping secrets from her husband, her inability to save those dying in her visions.

After a night of carnage Haley is on the run and desperate to save her son. It isn’t just evil humans she has to fear. Something darker and deadlier is out there. It needs Haley’s unique soul to live again. This time nothing will stop it.

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