Profile: Red Lagoe

Red Lagoe grew up on ’80s horror and carried her paranoia of slashers and sewer creatures into adulthood. She never investigates the noise outside and never enters the creepy house. This is how she survives and is able to write dark fiction.

Red’s stories have appeared in Crystal Lake Publishing’s Shallow Waters Volumes 1 & 2, the Trembling with Fear: Year Two anthology, Owl Hollow Press’ Under the Full Moon’s Light anthology, and Z Publishing’s books America’s Emerging Horror Writers and Virginia’s Emerging Writers. Her viral apocalypse novel Fair Haven was released in 2017.


Most Recently Published Work (as of October 2019)

A rabies-like super virus bleeds into Melody’s neighborhood, turning all those infected into ravenous aggressors. While watching society crumble beyond her threshold, Melody hides in the safety of her attic, waiting for her husband to return. Four days have passed, and it’s becoming apparent that he’s not coming home. She pushes her fear aside and propels herself out the front door, with a baseball bat in hand, ready to venture across town on a mission to save her husband—and their failing marriage.

However, after teaming up with her neighbor John, her determination is put to the test. Despite butting heads with the man next door, she develops an unsettling attraction to him, and they grow to rely on each other for strength and friendship.

Unsure if her husband is still alive, her reasons for going on are called into question and it doesn’t take long before she begins to doubt her strength.
Fair Haven is a viral-outbreak horror story laced with personal struggle, romance, and a tasteful smattering of shoot’em-in-the-head action. 

Amazon | Goodreads

Other Work:

Shallow Waters Vol. 1: A Flash Fiction Anthology Amazon | Goodreads

Under the Full Moon’s Light: A Short Story Anthology Amazon | Goodreads

Trembling with Fear: Year Two Amazon | Goodreads

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