Profile: Regina Garza Mitchell

Regina Garza Mitchell is a writer and editor who grew up on the borderlands of Texas and Mexico, a land rich with stories and ghosts. Her stories tend to focus on those in-between places and the people who inhabit them. She began publishing fiction in the late 90s before stepping away for about 10 years. She has published 14 short stories in venues such as A Darker Dawning, Nemonymous, Songs From Dead Singers, In Laymon’s Terms, and Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal. She also edited (with David G. Barnett) The Big Book of Blasphemy.



  • Golden Apple Writer in Residence 2011, 2017

Most Recently Published Work (as of May 2020)

If you’re religious, look no further—this is not the book for you. The Big Book of Blasphemy is just what the name says: BIG. With 30 stories from today’s best extreme horror writers, no one and nothing is sacred. These stories take on everything from goddesses to paleros to priests to saints and sinners, angels, demons, devils, and even pizza. From wretched pasts to dystopian futures, these tales explore a range of topics, religions, and blasphemies. The stories in this book range from serious to humorous, loud to quiet; there’s a sacrilege for everyone.

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