Profile: Renee Miller

Renee Miller is a Canadian author of horror, dark comedy and (occasionally) erotic horror. She has published independently and with publications such as Unnerving, DarkFuse Magazine, Broadswords and Blasters, Deadman’s Tome, and Serial Magazine.

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Most Recently Published Work (as of November 2019)

Some people believe we are born with two sides; one is darkness and the other is light. We’re told to feed the one we hope will thrive.

Hayley O’Brien inherits her parents’ demons, whose shadows loom ominously over her future. She tries to walk the right path and do good things to ensure a future free of the darkness that accompanied her into this world. She discovers, though, that sometimes, the path you choose has nothing to do with right or wrong. The side you feed doesn’t depend on being good or being evil and it isn’t always a choice. While we’d like to walk in the light, embracing the dark might be the only way to survive.

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