Profile: Sara Rich

Sara Rich grew up in rural Kansas, where she started writing short stories and poetry at the age of six. Nowadays, she writes mostly dark fiction, with shorts featured by publishers of literary journals and anthologies based in the UK, Belgium, the US, and Cyprus. A scholar, author, and artist, Sara returned to the US after living abroad for eight years and now teaches at Coastal Carolina University.

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Most Recently Published Work (as of May 2020)

An entertainment consisting of 288 pages; dedicated to short, yellowish days and long nights, to heavy curtains and the cracks and pops of burning logs, to frost-encroached byways and sturdy old inns, to skeletal trees and hungry black birds; and to the ghosts of Ernest Nister & Ernest Dowson.

Featuring many curious pieces, including several newly written stories (amongst them a brand new Connoisseur tale by Mark Valentine & John Howard), a smattering of rarely collected obscurities, a couple of never before translated artefacts and much more.

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Other Works

Cyclopean Issue 1 Goodreads | Amazon

Ligatures Goodreads | Amazon

Omnium Gatherum: A Trans-Genre Trans-Grens Anthology Goodreads | Amazon

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