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Sarah Naughton’s debut gothic novel, The Hanged Man Rises, was shortlisted for the Costa 2013 children’s award. It was followed by a second young adult supernatural thriller, The Blood List. Her psychological thrillers for adults, Tattletale and The Other Couple (Orion) are Amazon bestsellers and a third, The Mothers will be published by Orion in January 2020. Sarah’s other passion is horror, and her Christmas ghost story, The Last Gift was published in 2017. Sarah lives in London with her husband and sons.

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  • The Hanged Man Rises: Shortlisted for the Costa Children’s award 2013

Most Recently Published Work (as of May 2020)

The Hanged Man Rises by Sarah Naughton Book Cover

When their parents are killed in a fire, Titus Adams and his little sister Hannah are left to fend for themselves in the cruel and squalid slums of Victorian London. Taking shelter with his friend and saviour, Inspector Pilbury, Titus should feel safe. But though the inspector has just caught and hung a notorious child-murderer, the murders haven’t stopped. Now everyone is a suspect, even the inspector himself, and unless Titus can find a way to end the killings, he will lose all that is dear to him.

For this evil cannot be contained, even by death.

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