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algeeScarlett R. Algee

When not writing, or passing out leaflets extolling the glory of Cthulhu, our Dread Lord and Savior, Scarlett R. Algee makes steampunk jewelry at her Etsy shop, Copperwalk Designs. A writer, bibliovore and amateur historian by trade, she lives in the wilds of Tennessee with a Hound of Tindalos cleverly disguised as a beagle. She discovered steampunk, H. P. Lovecraft, and Lovecraftian steampunk in a previous incarnation as a librarian, and hasn’t looked back since. Her work has been published in Cthulhu Haiku I & II, Morpheus Tales, and Sanitarium Magazine, for which she is currently a submissions reader and chapbNook editor.


Most Recently Published Book (as of September 2018)


Night Terrors and Daymares is not your average horror collection. It is an experimentation with all levels of the genre, and the works included in this series range from spine-chilling campfire stories to horrific splatterpunk. Some pieces will leave you lying awake all night, eyes peeled open, listening, waiting for the night terrors to scurry across the ceiling. Others stray a bit outside traditional horror to touch on topics haunting in nature, those which bring about daymares without nary a need for the bogeyman.

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Other Work

At Midnight: Down in the Dirt magazine January-April 2018 issue collection book

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My Name Is Nobody: “Down in the Dirt” magazine v156

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Bards and Sages Quarterly

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