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Staci Layne Wilson is an L.A. native who enjoys traffic, wildfires, and earthquakes—but since her recent move to Las Vegas, she’s learned to love 110-degree summers, drive-thru wedding chapels, and casinos that still reek of the Rat Pack’s cigars.

She’s an active member of the Horror Writers Association, and her latest series is Rock & Roll Nightmares, an irreverent anthology. She’s also the author of City of Devils, The Tragedy Man, and the Immortal Confessions vampire series.

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Break out the keytar, throw your horn-hands, and get ready to rock down to electric avenue! Gory Days is set in an alternate evil ’80s where androids take the stage, a washed-up rock star discovers the secret to time travel, and an aspiring musician puts her demo tape into the wrong hands. Stories include Don’t Stand So Close to Meat, Hip to Be Scared, and Dead Over Heels.

10 stories by Staci Layne Wilson, Mark Wheaton, Darren Gordon Smith, V. Castro, Sean McDonough, and Brenda Thatcher.

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