Profile: Stephanie Wytovich

Stephanie Wytovich is the author of multiple award-winning horror poetry collections as well as the novel The Eighth. She has also contributed to many horror anthologies. She is an active member of the Horror Writers Association, and a graduate of Seton Hill University’s MFA program for Writing Popular Fiction. She also holds the position of editor for Raw Dog Screaming Press, and mentor with Crystal Lake Publishing.

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Awards – Wins and Nominations

Best Poetry Collection, Sheet Music to My Acoustic Nightmare, 2017 (Bram Stoker)

Best Poetry Collection, An Exorcism of Angels, 2016 (Bram Stoker)

Best Poetry Collection, Morning Jewelry, 2015 (Bram Stoker)

Best Poetry Collection, Hysteria, 2014 (Bram Stoker)

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Most Recently Published Book (as of October 2019)

Doomsday is here and the earth is suffering with each breath she takes. Whether it’s from the nuclear meltdown, the wrath of the Four Horsemen, a war with technology, or a consequence of our relationship with the planet, humanity is left buried and hiding, our bones exposed, our hearts beating somewhere in our freshly slit throats.

The Apocalyptic Mannequin by Stephanie M. Wytovich is a collection that strips away civilization and throws readers into the lives of its survivors. The poems inside are undelivered letters, tear-soaked whispers, and unanswered prayers. They are every worry you’ve had when your electricity went out, and every pit that grew in your stomach watching the news at night. They are tragedy and trauma, but they are also grief and fear, fear of who–or what–lives inside us once everything is taken away.

These pages hold the teeth of monsters against the faded photographs of family and friends, and here, Wytovich is both plague doctor and midwife, both judge and jury, forever searching through severed limbs and exposed wires as she straddles the line evaluating what’s moral versus what’s necessary to survive.

What’s clear though, is that the world is burning and we don’t remember who we are.

So tell me: who will you become when it’s over? 

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Other Work:

Weird Tales #363

Amazon | Weird Tales

Sheet Music to My Acoustic Nightmare

Better World Books | Amazon | Thrift Books | Raw Dog Screaming Press


Better World Books | Amazon | Thrift Books | Raw Dog Screaming Press

Mourning Jewelry

Better World BooksAmazon | Thrift Books | Raw Dog Screaming Press

An Exorcism of Angels

Better World Books | Amazon | Thrift Books | Raw Dog Screaming Press


Better World Books | Amazon | Thrift Books | Raw Dog Screaming Press

The Eighth

Better World Books | Amazon | Thrift Books | Dark Regions Press

Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories

Better World Books | Amazon | Thrift Books

Where Nightmares Come From

Better World Books | Amazon | Thrift Books

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