Profile: Susan Earlam

Susan Earlam lives on the edges of the Peak District in Cheshire, England, with her husband, two daughters, and Billy the cat.

Since 2010, she has written for a variety of media outlets, but the call of the strange and unusual grew irresistible. Now she mixes words like potions at her desk.

She procrastinates by writing shorter, and weirder, stuff. Her short fiction has appeared in publications and anthologies including Pure Slush, Strange Abrasions, feminist surrealism journal; The Debutante, Mslexia, Reflex Fiction & Cabinet of Heed.

Her novel, Earthly Bodies, is out now.

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Featured Work

A gang of young women are not what they seem.
A creature with teeth waits on a beach.
A ceremony in a small community turns into a nightmare.

The everyday spaces of cricket grounds and train stations become places where inhabitants unravel into themselves.

Susan Earlam’s obsession with bodies and their potential for metamorphosis is unveiled in this haunting collection.

Dark Is The Water will make you question what it is to live on the edges of this and other worlds.

Coming April 2022 Goodreads

Other Works

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