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Tara Rack-Amber (T. R. Toth) has had a lifelong love of writing.

At the age of seven, she started writing her own stories in a hardback, flower-printed journal. She took this love and pursued a degree in Communications with emphasis in professional writing, electronic media, and sports broadcasting/sports information from Waynesburg University.

Professionally, she has worked as a radio broadcaster, professional photographer, and journalist.

Tara’s most recent project is the horror novel “Seraphim Falls” written under the name T.R. Toth. Previously she wrote the book “Mousekatots,” a travel resource book to help parents navigate the waters that is taking their young children to Walt Disney World.

When she isn’t writing, Tara likes to spend time with her husband, daughter, and three cats. She loves to travel to warm locations and loves to cruise with a pina colada in hand.

Her dream is to become the next J.B. Fletcher, but with less murder and more awesome sweaters.

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  • “Golden Quill” finalist 2017

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How many times do we drive through small towns? We pass through, stay a few nights at a hotel, eat at a restaurant, or visit a local tourist destination. We take them at face value because we want to find the next small town that is a true hidden gem. Their beautiful lampposts and perfectly potted flowers don’t give a true picture the residents either want to keep quiet or don’t know themselves. After all, we are just guests. However, we trust these towns to be safe and enjoyable. We trust the positive hotel reviews on travel websites. We trust the GPS system to get us safely to our destination. We even trust our loved ones with our lives when we travel out of the safety of our own community.

The town of Seraphim Falls offers us, the visitors, a look behind the veil to see what happens when we ignore red flags and put all our trust in the face value of things. When we become too comfortable, darkness and evil have the chance to leach into the pores and create a cancer that rots the town from the inside.

Emma is enjoying her career as a famous author; Mr. Winston is happy to find love again after the death of his girlfriend; Jonas dreams of digital stardom; Cassie wants to enjoy her road trip to the town; and Liz wants to face her fears while working at a funhouse. They all seem like simple requests, but when you combine dark uncertainty and the atmosphere of the Pacific Northwest SERAPHIM FALLS twists the narrative, forcing us to see beyond face value.

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