Profile: Victoria Nations

Victoria Nations is a horror writer and biologist, and lover of spooky, spooky stories.  She spends her time hiking in swamps and writing from what her family calls her dark, little heart.   She emerges from the woods in late summer, damp and covered in burrs, to search out early Halloween decorations.

Victoria lives in Florida with her wife and son, who indulge her love of monsters.


Awards – Wins and Nominations

Published Flash Fiction, Blinky Fly, Royal Palm Literary Awards nominee

Most Recently Published Book (as of January 2019)

This is all my fault. Truly, it is. 

This is what happens when you read too much, remember too much, and then tell your writer friends about a crazy idea. 

I was telling my group about a book that had been written in the 1960s. A group of writers got together to write the worst, most vulgar book they could think of, one chapter at a time. Each writer would take one chapter of the book, not knowing what the previous writer had written. They were given the “gist” of the previous chapter, but nothing else. The book became the best seller, Naked Came the Stranger.…

Now while that book was a commentary of the vulgarity of the 1960s, the idea of a group written story sounded interesting. 

So, I pitched it to the Dark Alley Crew, a group of horror writers. Now, this was going to get good. Each writer would take one chapter. The only thing I would provide would be the last page of the previous chapter, so the next writer would have a launch point. 

However, I decided to take this idea one step further. I wanted to start the story with the worst line of fiction ever written, the one made famous by Snoopy. I couldn’t resist. 

So, without further ado, here is “The Dark and Stormy Night”, a story written by multiple horror authors, each chapter with a unique voice and attitude, making for a fun story. 

Note: All proceeds from this book will be going to various charities including Spina Bifida, K9 Warriors, Juvenile Diabetes and St, Jude’s Children’s Hospital. 

Other Work

Blinky Fly – Summer of Screams