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Welcome to the Ladies of Horror Fiction Directory section E-J! We can’t promise it’s a comprehensive list (though we do promise we’re trying our hardest to make it so!), but if you are looking to read more female authors in horror fiction and don’t know where to start, this should give you a great jumping-off point.

Listed (last, first) alphabetically. Click on the word “Website” to be taken to their personal websites if they have one or their Goodreads author page if they do not.

As time goes, we will slowly be adding profiles on the site about each of the women. When that happens, their names will be clickable.

This list will continue to develop over time. If there is a name we are missing, please let us know in the comments below.

NOTE: A (D) beside a person’s name indicates deceased. A * indicates that this is a pseudonym (of a female writer).

Gentle reminder: We are not perfect. We may get your name wrong. If we do, feel free to let us know what we did. However, remember the golden rule and treat people how you, yourself, expect to be treated. 


Earlam, SusanWebsite

Eigener, NicoleWebsite

Eldridge, ToriWebsite

Ellis, KatWebsite

Ellis, StephanieWebsite

Emrys, Ruthanna – Website

England, S.E. (Sarah) – Website

Enriquez, Mariana – Website

Evans, Kelly – Website


Fahey, Tracy Website

Fallon, Amber – ReviewWebsite

Faring, Sara – Website

Faust, Christa – Website 

Faust, GabrielleWebsite

Faust, Lydian – Website

Faye, AlysonWebsite

Fenn, J. Lincoln – Website

Files, Gemma – Website

Fitzpatrick, Claire Website

Flynn, PenelopeWebsite

Forry, Lauren A. – Website

Fox, AnnTwitter

Fox, Cara J. – Website

Fox, Dona – Website

Fox, Janet – Website

Frahm, Leanne –  Website

Franklin, LeeWebsite

Fraser, Rebecca – Website

Frater, Rhiannon – Website

Friel, Fran – Website


Gam, Doungjai – Website

Garcia, Holly RaeWebsite

Gardner, Cate – Website

Garza, Michelle – Website

Gaskell, Elizabeth (D) – Website

Gelique, Angel – Website 

Gibbon, Emma J. – Website

Gibson, S.T.Website

Giddings, MeganWebsite

Gillen, Moira – Website

Girardi, Jill

Giron, Sephera – Website

Glasser, Larissa – Website

Goddard, K.B. – Website

Goldfuss, Alice – Website

Golding, MelanieWebsite

Goli, R.A. – Website

Gomez Farrel, Rebecca – Website

Gomes, Patricia – Website

Goodwin, Emily – Website

Gordon, Alex – Website

Gordon, Jennifer Anne – Website

Gore, CarolTwitter

Gosling, Sharon – Website

Gould, Dierdre – Website

Gran, Sara – Website

Grant, Catherine – Website

Grant, Mira* – Website

Gray, Gerri R. – Website

Gray, Muriel – Website

Gray, Roma – Website

Grech, Amy – Website

Gregory, BPWebsite

Gresh, Lois H. – Website

Grifant, KC  –  Website

Guay, D.M. Website

Guess, JessicaWebsite

Guizzetti, ElizabethWebsite


Hafdahl, Meg – Spotlight | Website

Halbert, MarianneWebsite

Hale, R.H. – Website

Hallberg, Mary – Website

Hambly, Barbara – Website

Hand, Elizabeth – Website

Hand, Jill – Website

Hanigan, T.L. – Website

Hannett, Lisa L. – Website

Hard, Amanda – Website

Harding, Allison V. (D) – Website

Harms, Eve – Website

Harris, CMWebsite

Harrison, RachelWebsite

Hart, Baylea – Website

Hart, Megan – Website

Hayes, R.M. – Twitter

Headlee, AmandaWebsite

Henderson, AlexisWebsite

Henderson, EricaWebsite

Hendry, MegWebsite

Hermon, DakaWebsite

Heslop, Karen – Website

Hickey, Eleanor – Website

Hieber, Leanna Renee – Website

Higgins, Baileigh – Website

Highsmith, Patricia – Website

Hightower, LaurelWebsite

Hill, RowanWebsite

Hill, Susan – Website

Hilton, AliciaWebsite

Hoffman, Nina Kiriki – Website

Holder, Nancy – Website

Holland, Claire C. – Review – Website

Hopeman, Nikki – Website

Hopkinson, Nalo – Website

Howell, A. P.Website

Hunt, CV – Website

Hurt, Alledria – Website


Ireland, JustinaWebsite

Irwin, Margaret (D) – Website


Jackson, Shirley (D) – LOHF ReviewWebsite

Jacob, Charlee (D) – Website

Jamneck, Lynne – Website

Jane, Seven – Website

Jayne, SerenaWebsite

Jefferson, Jemiah – Website

Jeffs, Pamela – Website

Jemc, Jac – Review|Website

Jennings, Kenzie – Website

Jens, Tina L – Website

Jensen, Ruby Jean (D) – Website

Jimerson, Lauren – Website

Johnson, K.N. – Website

Johnson, L.S. – Website

Johnstone, Carole – Website

Jones, Penny – Website

Jones-Howe, Rebecca – Website

Jonez, Kate – Website

Jordan, Catherine – Website

Joseph, R.J.SpotlightWebsite

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