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Welcome to the Ladies of Horror Fiction Directory section K-M! We can’t promise it’s a comprehensive list (though we do promise we’re trying our hardest to make it so!), but if you are looking to read more female authors in horror fiction and don’t know where to start, this should give you a great jumping-off point.

Listed (last, first) alphabetically. Click on the word “Website” to be taken to their personal websites if they have one or their Goodreads author page if they do not.

As time goes, we will slowly be adding profiles on the site about each of the women. When that happens, their names will be clickable.

This list will continue to develop over time. If there is a name we are missing, please let us know in the comments below.

NOTE: A (D) beside a person’s name indicates deceased. A * indicates that this is a pseudonym (of a female writer).

Gentle reminder: We are not perfect. We may get your name wrong. If we do, feel free to let us know what we did. However, remember the golden rule and treat people how you, yourself, expect to be treated. 


Karlsdottir, EygloWebsite

Karsak, Melanie – Website

Kassa, Naching T. – Website

Katsu, Alma – Website

Kemper, Erinn L. – Website

Khaw, Cassandra – Website

Kiernan, Caitlin R – Website

Kilmer, Michelle – Website

Killjoy, Margaret – Website

Kilpatrick, Nancy – Website

Kipphorn, Tawny – Website

Kiste, Gwendolyn – Review | ReviewSpotlightWebsite

Knightsbridge, Ellie – Website

Knippling, DeAnna – Website

Koike, Mariko – Website

Koja, Kathe – Website

Kroger, Lisa – Website

Kuebler, Monica S. – Website

Kulski, K.P. – Website

Kurtagich, Dawn – Website


La Spina, Greya (D) – Website

Laben, Carrie – Website

Lagoe, Red Website

Landry, JessWebsite

Langan, Sarah – Website

Larner, S.G. – Website

Lason, Melissa – Website

Lawrence, Shannon – Website

Leach, Janice – Website

LeBlanc, Deborah – Website

Leanne, Amanda  –  Website

Lee, Beverley – LOHF ReviewWebsite

Lee, Izzy – Website

Lee, Tanith (D) – Website

Leen, Gerri – Website

Lepovetsky, Lisa – Website

Leslie, V.H. – Website

Liburd, Tonya – Website

Ligget, Kim – Website

Littlewood, Alison – Website

Llewellyn, Livia – Website

Lloyd-Jones, Emily – Website

Low, Cheryl – Website

Lucas, Christine – Website

Lukavics, Amy – ReviewWebsite

Lynch, Donna – Website

Lyons, Amanda M. – Website


Machado, Carmen MariaWebsite

Macomber, Patricia LeeWebsite

Madron, Suzanne – Website

Mangan, AmeliaWebsite

Mannetti, LisaWebsite

Marceau, CaitlinWebsite

Marshall, HelenWebsite

Martin, Anya – Website

Mason, Rena – Website

Massie, Elizabeth – Website

Matsuura, Thersa – Website

Mauro, Laura – Website

Mayes, Jan L. – Website

McBain, Alison – Website

McBride, Tracie – Website

McCarthy, J.A.W. – Website

McCloud, Ellen – Website

McCray – Carolyn – Website

McDermott, Kirstyn – Website

McDonell, ReganWebsite

McGuire, Jamie – Website

McHugh, Jessica – Website

McHugh, Mandy – Website

McKee Charnas, Suzy – Website

McKenzie, J.L. – Website

McKinney, Kira – Website

McMahon, Jennifer – Website

McQueen, Magda – Website

Melanson, Claudette – Website

Merritt, Stephanie (also S.J. Parris) – Review | Website

Miller, Christa M. – Website

Miller, Renee – ReviewWebsite

Minagawa, Hiroko – Website

Miskowski, S.P. – Website

Mitchell, Mary Ann – Website

Miyabe, Miyuki – Website

Moloney, Susan – Website

Moncrieff, J.H. – Website

Monette, Sarah – Website

Moore, Alison – Website

Moore, C.L. (D) – Website

Moore, Lindsay – Website

Moore, LH – Website

Moreno-Garcia, Silvia – Website

Morey, Fallon (Stoeffler) – Website

Morgan, Christine – Website

Morgan, Kate – Website

Morgan, Vanessa – Website

Morris, Pamela – Website

Morton, Lisa – Website

Mosiman, Billie Sue (D) – Website

Moss-Dyne, Kenya – Website

Muir, Tamsyn – Website

Murray, Lee – Review | Spotlight Website

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