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Welcome to the Ladies of Horror Fiction Directory section N-S! We can’t promise it’s a comprehensive list (though we do promise we’re trying our hardest to make it so!), but if you are looking to read more female authors in horror fiction and don’t know where to start, this should give you a great jumping-off point.

Listed (last, first) alphabetically. Click on the word “Website” to be taken to their personal websites if they have one or their Goodreads author page if they do not.

As time goes, we will slowly be adding profiles on the site about each of the women. When that happens, their names will be clickable.

This list will continue to develop over time. If there is a name we are missing, please let us know in the comments below.

NOTE: A (D) beside a person’s name indicates deceased. A * indicates that this is a pseudonym (of a female writer).

Gentle reminder: We are not perfect. We may get your name wrong. If we do, feel free to let us know what we did. However, remember the golden rule and treat people how you, yourself, expect to be treated. 


Nations, VictoriaWebsite

Navarro, Yvonne – ReviewWebsite

Nesbit, E. (Edith) (D) – Website

Neugebauer, Annie – Website

Nieman, Valerie – Website

Niveau,Thana – Website

Nogle, Christi – Website

Nonami, Asa – Website

Noordeloos, Chantal – Website

Numata, Mahokaru – Website


O’Quinn, Cindy – Website

O’Regan, Marie – Website

O’Rourke, Monica – Website

Oates, Joyce Carol – Website

Onoh, Nuzo – Website

Owen, Kelli – Website

Oyeyemi, Helen – Website


Pack, MJ – Website

Pagan, Patricia Flaherty – Website

Parris, S. C. – Website

Parypinski, Joanna – Website

Pascale, Elaine – Website

Paver, Michelle – Website

Pelayo, Cynthia – Website

Pendarves, G.G. (D) – Website

Pessl, Marisha – Website

Pinborough, Sarah – Website

Piper, Hailey – Website

Polen, Teri – Website

Priest, Cherie – Website

Provost, Samaire – Website

Ptacek, Kathryn – Website

Purcell, Laura – Website


Quigley, Lisa – Website


Rabinowitz, Rosanne – Website

Rajotte, Mary – Website

Ranalli, Gina – ReviewWebsite

Raven, C.L.  –  Website

Rawson, Andi – Website

Read, Sarah – Website

Reid, JudeWebsite

Rector, Jeani – Website

Reed, Kit (D) – Website

Reeves, Dia – Website

Rhoads, Loren – Website

Rice, Anne – Website

Rich, Emerian – Website

Ringman, Kristen – Website

Riva, Alina – Website

Robb, Suzanne – Website

Robinson, Debra – Website

Rocklyn, Zin E. – Website

Rocksteady, Betty – Website

Roden, Barbara – Website

Rose, Rie Sheriden – Website

Ross, Kyla – Website

Roulo, Heather – Website

Roux, Madeleine – Website

Rovens, Sue – Website

Rowland, Rebecca – Website

Royce, Eden – Website

Rucker, Lynda E. – Website

Runge, Karen – Website

Russell, Karen – Website

Rutland, Catrin – Website

Ryan, Carrie – Website


SanGiovanni, MaryReviewWebsite

Sardina, Martel – Website

Saulson, Sumiko –  ReviewWebsite

Scalise, Michelle – Website

Shults, Sylvia – Website

Scully, Cat – Website

Scuri, N. M. – Website

Scutt, Sarah – Website

Sealy, Rhesa – Website

Sebastian-Gabriel, Sheri – Website

Shannon, Lorelei – Website

Sharma, Priya – Website

Sheldon, Deborah – Website

Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft – Website

Simon, Marge – Website

Skultety, Teri – Website

Slatter, Angela – Website

Smith, Farah Rose – Website

Smith, Veronica – Website

Sneve, Airika – Website

Sng, Christina – Review | Website

Snow, Julianne – Website

Snyder, Lucy A. – Website

Snyman, Monique-Cherie – Website

Sokoloff, Alexandra – Website

Solomond, Regina – Website

Sowder, Kindra – Website

Sower, Liz – Review | Website

St. Clair, Margaret (D) – Website

Sfetsos, YolandaWebsite

Stage, Zoje – ReviewWebsite

Starling, Caitlin – Review | Website

Stimson, L.B. – Website

Stittle, Kristal – Website

Stoeffler, Fallon – Website

Storm, Delana – Website

Struthers, Shani – Website

Sutton, Christine – Website

Swann, Madeleine – Website

Sweet Al-Mehairi, Erin – Website

Sylvia, Morgan – Website

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